AI Humanity - Global Prosperity Through Innovation, Collaboration, and Technology

Global Prosperity Through Innovation, Collaboration, and Technology

Join Us: We Need You

Help create the safer, lovelier, more just society you want to see and experience

To eradicate poverty and provide the unprosperous with realizable paths to prosperity, even in just one city, let alone cities in many countries, we need the collaboration of thousands of passionate volunteers and hundreds of experts. And, of course, we need funding, too.

Help others even as you yourself find your purpose and path to fulfillment.

Because of the magnitude of the work we are doing, we need volunteers like you. We cannot end poverty and help the unprosperous without volunteers.

No matter your expertise or lack thereof, we could use your help. Bonus: AI Humanity trains volunteers, who happen to be unprosperous, in rewarding careers, free of charge.

Some of the roles we need volunteers for follow:
  • Grass-roots campaigners (prosperity ambassadors), community organizers and activists (prosperity advocates), prosperity reformers, mentors, religious leaders, reformed gang members, and reformed drug dealers
  • Researchers, psychologists, filmmakers, K–12 educators, defense attorneys
  • Sports coaches: basketball, golf, cricket, tennis, soccer, baseball, yoga and meditation
  • Data analyses and data collectors
  • Performing artists: dancers, dance choreographers, musicians, music instructors
  • Teachers and instructors (no Education degree required): K-12, SAT prep, English grammar, mathematics, Spanish, French, social studies, history, physics
  • Mental health experts: including psychologists and behavioral scientists
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