AI Humanity - Democratizing Prosperity: Through Innovation, Cultural Transformation, and Technology

Democratizing Prosperity: Through Innovation, Cultural Transformation, and Technology

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Help create the safer, lovelier, more just society you want to see and experience

To provide the unprosperous with realizable paths to prosperity, even in just one city, let alone cities and rural communities across the globe, we need to hire and partner with relentless, innovative people who possess a revolutionary disposition and audacious spirit. How else can we help the unprosperous rise to universal comprehensive prosperity against nearly impossible odds? How else can we succeed where many others have failed for decades and even centuries and after spending hundreds of billions of dollars?

Help others even as you yourself find your purpose and path to fulfillment.

We are taking applications now. We need collaborators and experts in myriad areas of specializations.

Some of the roles we need experts for include:
  • Anthropologists:

    We believe that anthropologists are crucial to the resolution of global poverty.

  • Economists:

    We need to hire five PhD economists. Fill out the form below.

  • Researchers:

    Help us better understand the economic standing and life and history of individuals, groups, and cultures.

    We also need academic researchers who specialize in Appalachian, African American, Latin American, Caribbean, European, Asian, and sociological and anthropological study.

  • Software engineers:

    We need backend engineers who are proficient in Python, a JavaScript backend development stack, SQL and noSQL databases, authentication, building scalable applications, and web security.

    Other software engineers we need include:

    • Frontend engineer
    • Cybersecurity engineer
    • Machine-learning/AI engineer
    • Blockchain engineer
    • Algorithms engineer
    • Mobile developers
    • Database admin
    • Data scientist
  • Psychologists:

    Many in the unprosperous communities have unhealed trauma and unattended mental health ailments, and they are in need of myriad mental health service. Fill out the form below for more.

  • Filmmakers:

    We need video producers, editors, directors, screenwriters, and writing and voice coaches.

  • Teachers and instructors:

    Teachers and instructors with experience in SAT prep and K–12 educators who specialize in early childhood development are crucial to the work we are doing. If you have any of these expertise, fill out the form below.

  • Sports Coaches:

    If you want to use your coaching expertise for the advancement of humanity and you coach any of the following sports, contact us:

    • Basketball
    • Baseball
    • Cricket
    • Golf
    • Tennis
    • Track and field
  • Nonprofit Executive:

    We are currently looking for an ambitious, resourceful, creative team member to fill the role of Nonprofit Executive Liaison. If you have much experience building and running a nonprofit, we need you. We need you to use your vast nonprofit expertise to help us identify the problems within nonprofit organizations, accordingly, and to help guide the development of the tools and technologies we are creating.


    • At least 3 years experience working in leading role at a nonprofit (with annual revenues above $1M). Finance and operations knowledge are preferred
    • In-depth knowledge of nonprofit funding is much preferred
    • Familiarity with nonprofit accounting would be quite helpful
    • Knowledge of US Government requirements/regulation for nonprofit is essential
    • Strong knowledge of the nonprofit sector as a whole
    • Strong written and verbal communication skills
    • Strong research and reporting capabilities
    • Self-disciplined and self-motivated: we define objectives and measurable key results; however, we leave much of your work up to you, so that you can determine the best way to achieve the results
    • Open-mindedness: what we’re trying to achieve has never been done before, so we require the growth mindset, innovation, adaptability, and resourcefulness
    • Experience working at more than one nonprofit organization could prove advantageous
  • Accountant
  • Sociologist and Social Workers
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