AI Humanity - Democratizing Prosperity: Through Innovation, Cultural Transformation, and Technology

Democratizing Prosperity: Through Innovation, Cultural Transformation, and Technology

Road Map

We are transparent every step of the way: Track our progress

AI Humanity strives to be diligent and transparent in its endeavors, even as a for-profit technology-driven startup. You can track our progress along the way.

  • 2017–2018: Research and Planning and Programming

    • Richard Bovell, the founder of AI Humanity, recruited some of the exceptional students from Bov Academy of Programming to begin the early research and technological exploration for AI Humanity’s extensive solutions to solve global poverty.

  • January 2019: Website Launched

    • With about 98% of the work on the main AI Humanity website now complete, we will officially launch the website to the public in early January 2019.

      The January 2019 version of the website outlines our mission, strategies, philosophies, processes, and early milestones. The target audience comprises mostly experts and some potential collaborators.

      This website is not intended for the unprosperous to use for help with overcoming poverty and realizing prosperity. The unprosperous will realize prosperity via our specific prosperity-for-the-unprosperous projects (for example, AllAid, Eduprosperity, RewardingEducation, and Entrepreneurship), which will become available as we launch each project or strategy later in 2020 and onward.

  • February–December 2019: MVP and R&D

    • We are in the process of developing our Minimum Viable Product (MVP), which includes four integrated technologies buoyed by AI and the human good. These technologies work together to help the unprosperous with all of their needs—starting with critical needs, then personal enlightenment, then rewarding education, followed by rewarding career.

      Richard and a small team will begin research and development, recruitment, negotiations, and partnerships.

      Meanwhile, Richard will continue his academic and field research and exploration for some of AI Humanity solutions as well as the three AI Humanity books and related.

      We will continue to recruit experts and collaborators, expanding our team in the process, to execute the exhaustive first phase of our plan.

  • January 2020: Start of Pilot Program in Baltimore, MD

    • In January 2020, we expect to launch our pilot program in Baltimore, MD, with over 2,000 participants, all of whom we will help with all of their needs, free of charge, until they realize comprehensive prosperity—the prosperity we describe on our Prosperity Score page.