AI Humanity - Global Prosperity Through Innovation, Collaboration, and Technology

Global Prosperity Through Innovation, Collaboration, and Technology

Road Map

We are transparent every step of the way: Track our progress

As a conglomerate with nonprofit and for-profit entities, AI Humanity strives to be diligent and transparent in its endeavors. You can track our progress and watch us transform from a small team of passionate individuals with a monumental mission, to a cohesive group that actually helps ordinary people, hopefully by the millions, completely transform their own lives and their communities for the better.

  • January 2019: The Beginning

    • With about 98% of the work on the main AI Humanity website now complete, we will officially launch the website to the public in early January 2019.

      The January 2019 version of the website outlines our mission, strategies, philosophies, processes, and early milestones. The target audience comprises mostly volunteers and experts and some potential collaborators and funders.

      This website is not intended for the unprosperous to use for help with overcoming poverty and realizing prosperity. The unprosperous will realize prosperity via our specific prosperity-for-the-unprosperous projects (for example, AllAid, Eduprosperity, RewardingEducation, and Entrepreneurship), which will become available as we launch each project or strategy later in 2019 and onward.

      During his exhaustive research on poverty and on prosperity for the unprosperous, Richard Bovell, founder of AI Humanity, has short-listed (and continues to short-list) notable experts and professionals—each of whom Richard believes has the audacity to challenge the status quo where necessary, possesses passion and drive for revolutionary transformation, embraces fact-based and results-oriented pragmatism and solutions over rigid political ideology that has been proven unsuccessful, has the innovative disposition to devise effective solutions for seemingly unsolvable problems, possesses the relevant expertise to solve one or more of the major problems AI Humanity set out to solve, and has exemplified compassion for the poor.

      AI Humanity will begin to recruit some of these and other experts between December 2018 and February 2019.

      In addition, we plan to recruit more software engineers from Bov Academy, as they progress through the program and become more skilled in their areas of specialization. And we need many other experts and thousands of volunteers. You may find some of the specific roles for which we need volunteers and experts on our We Need You page.

  • January–April 2019: Funding Exploration and R&D

    • We are in the process of exploring the best means and kinds business opportunities and structure and of funding for our unique organization and are taking appropriate action as it becomes necessary.

      Richard and a small team will begin research and development, recruitment, negotiations, and partnerships in Baltimore, Maryland in January, 2019, while our designers, researchers, and software engineers simultaneously begin research and early development of some of AI Humanity’s core technologies.

      Meanwhile, Richard will continue his academic and field research for the three AI Humanity books he is writing.

      We will continue to recruit more experts and volunteers and collaborators, expanding our team in the process, to execute the exhaustive first phase of our plan.