AI Humanity - Global Prosperity Through Innovation, Collaboration, and Technology

Global Prosperity Through Innovation, Collaboration, and Technology

What Opportunities Are Are We Pursuing?

Among the reasons global poverty and significant pathological inequality have persisted, the problems noted here are paramount and are the focus of our work

Although some of the problems listed below (that is, the opportunities we are pursuing) may seem impossible to solve, we are confident we will alleviate them in the communities and countries where we operate.

We are confident because many of the noted problems have been successfully resolved in many countries and, most crucially, because the unprosperous already have the intrinsic capacity to solve them and we have the expertise and tools and resources to help them solve the noted problems.

One such tool is our groundbreaking parallel simultaneity principle, which allows us to tackle more than one related problem simultaneously and in parallel. We do this by using the inputs and outputs and byproducts of one solution as inputs for other solutions, in almost real time; and all of our solutions are integrated. With this approach, we can accomplish in mere months and years what countries and massive organizations have taken decades to accomplish and have failed to accomplish.