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Global Prosperity Through Innovation, Collaboration, and Technology

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Do you believe in the capacity of a small group of ordinary individuals to lead the effort for revolutionary, global change, as has happened time and again throughout history? And do you believe in your own capacity to accomplish extraordinary things with audacious, passionate, relentless effort?

Stefano Vercesi

Senior Software Engineer

Born and raised in Lombardia, Italy, Stefano became interested in programming when he saw the Matrix movies as a child. Neo, the main protagonist in the movie, and his fellow coders and hackers were so cool and powerful and so entertaining and inspirational to Stefano that Stefano decided to pursue a career in programming from that very moment.

A graduate of Milano university with a degree in computer science and with his thesis on cybersecurity, Stefano has always been an enthusiastic and prolific student of programming and of knowledge. During his time at the university, he was so dedicated to his studies that he didn’t do much else (didn't get to make friends) besides just study and learn. His studiousness benefited him with a strong foundation in programming, networks, operating system, algorithms, and database architecture, all of which can be seen in his formidable programming repertoire today.

He has continued his never-ending quest to learn as much as he could to become as knowledgeable and as skilled a programmer as he possibly can. This pursuit of mastery led him to study frontend engineering at Bov Academy, where, throughout his time at the academy, he has been recognized as one of the most advanced students to ever study at the academy. His leadership and programming skills and overall exceptional performance at the academy impressed both his Bov Academy peers and instructors alike, and this eventually led to his recruitment by AI Humanity.

Stefano loves the outdoors and exploration as much as he loves to code and build software application. He enthusiastically adds:

I have spent the last three years of my life living and working in different countries in Europe and traveling to countries across the world, doing this as much as I can because exploring is the key to my well-being. It keeps me grounded, satisfied, enlightened, and inspired. It also motivates me to keep trying new things and pushing boundaries.

For Stefano, his passion for exploration goes deep; it includes his love of motorcycles, fighting sports, snowboarding, meditation, and anything that he doesn’t know and believes he can learn and enjoy. For example, he’s very passionate about music; in fact, you can find him in a psy-trance festival at least once a year. And he is such a big fan of the cyberpunk culture that it has influenced the tattoos and piercings that enrich his stature with an aura of futurism. Stefano isn’t your lightweight cyberpunk fan; his love of the culture and art and its lifestyle is literally embedded in his psyche and anatomy, as he gladly clues us in:

I enjoy the idea of being partially made by steel and ink, not only flesh and blood. Currently, I have two 14mm gauges, a septum, and two nostril piercings. In the past, I had many earrings, a bridge, and a north sense installed on my person. Yeah, I really won’t dislike a bionic arm one day. I am that kind of futuristic bloke.

Role at AI Humanity

With his strong leadership and programming skills, Stefano helps to lead software engineering on two of AI Humanity’s most complex software solutions. And because of his meticulousness and breadth of knowledge, he also assists in other areas of development.

On the Matter of Solving Poverty

Stefano gives his perspective on poverty, in his own words:

I grew up in a middle-class family in the north of Italy; my parents provided me with much more than I could have hoped for. My mom always used to say “finish your plate, because kids your age in Africa are dying from starvation.” But her words had zero impact on me at that young age. Only after many years I finally understood what she meant.

I got the opportunity to befriend poor people, some living out of nothing and making the best they could out of it. What struck me the most was the compassion and the benevolence they showed me. I am thankful for the important lesson they taught me about how to live. I started helping other people where I could, by talking to the homeless and offering them food and my humanity. The more I explore poor neighborhoods the more I realize how lucky I was and and still am and how unfair life can be to many people.

In a world where a third of our population have problems due to abundance and another third die because of scarcity of resources, one cannot avoid asking “why is this happening?” There’re no excuses to accept children that are raised without food, sanity, and a future. Everyone should have the possibilities I had.

We have all the tools to provide a brighter future to the human race and, with AI Humanity, I want to take part in this revolution.