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Do you believe in the capacity of a small group of ordinary individuals to lead the effort for revolutionary, global change, as has happened time and again throughout history? And do you believe in your own capacity to accomplish extraordinary things with audacious, passionate, relentless effort?

Sabrina Shrader

Chief Prosperity Ambassador

Born and raised in Twin Branch Holler in McDowell County, West Virginia—the poorest county in the poorest state in the United States—Sabrina knows poverty in Appalachia intimately. She can be described as the foremost authority on poverty in West Virginia, having witnessed poverty’s devastation for decades on her family and community and other nearby and far-away communities, having testified about the tragedy of poverty in West Virginia directly to politicians like Bernie Sanders and to lawmakers and national and international media, having fought for and represented the poor of West Virginia, and having suffered from poverty personally in myriad ways that few would have been able to survive.

She recounts some of her suffering and work in the videos below.

Part 1 of Sabrina Shrader’s interview during her campaign to join the West Virginia Congress to help alleviate poverty in her community follows:

Part 2 of the interview follows:

Life expectancy reports show that people in McDowell County, West Virginia are dying the youngest on average in America. Sabrina has known and felt this reality personally. Many of her family members and friends have died young. She carries with her the pain of their loss while she keeps their memories and love in her heart. But, she has never been someone to settle and accept things the way they are or have been. Although few people in West Virginia are willing to use the word “poor” and accept their impoverished circumstances as poverty, let alone discuss poverty in public, Sabrina has found the courage to speak out in an honest and forthright manner about poverty in her home state.

In fact, ever since she was a teenager, Sabrina has been regarded as the girl who “tries to save the world,” even though she herself suffered worse than many of the people whom she has been working to help. Her passion for alleviating poverty in West Virginia, her extremely determined and survival spirit, and her lifelong commitment to working on behalf of the poor have driven her to keep fighting and have given her a determined sense of purpose—her defining purpose on earth.

For years, she didn’t know exactly why she survived death multiple times and survived other fatal illnesses, as described below, that have killed people she knew. But, over the past few years, she has come to accept her role to help others and to be a voice for many who are ignored and left to suffer all their life, as her own family and many in her community have had to suffer in West Virginia.

Sabrina’s parents taught her to get as far as she could in her education, but she had to overcome almost insurmountable adversities every step of the way, almost every year of her adult life. For example, in 11th grade, Sabrina and her mother survived a car accident that at first caused Sabrina to be brought back the dead. (Her heart literally stopped on multiple occasions). On top of that, she was paralyzed.

Thankfully, she regained the ability to walk and talk again. After that, she graduated high school in 2002, even though she was told by doctors and psychologists that she wouldn’t survive the brain damage she suffered during the accident. In her typical fighting spirit, she didn’t waste time feeling sorry for herself. A couple of weeks after she graduated high school, she started college.

After she got to college, she suffered meningitis and found herself fighting for her life again. Luckily, she made it through those life-disrupting challenges, only to suffer from mononucleosis, which caused her spleen to almost rupture. Because of the many illnesses and sufferings, many of which are directly due to the decades-long poverty she endured, including a lack of proper healthcare, she was forced to take breaks from her college classes.

Still, she endured.

And by 2008, she received a bachelor’s degree in Social Work. Sabrina is the first person in her family to receive a bachelor’s degree, and the first person in her family to also graduate from high school.

Evidenced of her commitment to working for the poor, Sabrina has worked for various nonprofits and for a state agency that helps children. Rather than give people some things they need every now and then, Sabrina’s true desire is to find creative and effective ways to solve the world’s problems. This has led her to AI Humanity; she wants to help the whole world, just as people realized she would since she was a young teenager!

Sabrina shares her passion for her work:

My expertise lies in the field of people. I am fond of giving people hope when they need it the most. I love to comfort people. I have been told that my passion is contagious and that people are inspired by my story and my fight for poverty and justice.

In fact, when people get to know her and get inspired by her, some are known to start remembering their dreams and working towards making those dreams come true! They see life anew and get a sense of purpose and direction.

People say Sabrina has never met a stranger and that her heart for others is limitless. She was taught to treat others how she would want to be treated, to love people how Jesus would, and to be the change she wished to see in the world.

Still Finding Time to Enjoy Life

In spite of all the hardship she has endured, Sabrina still loves and enjoys life. When she is not working on solving issues that poverty brings, she likes to relax. As she enthusiastically notes:

I like reading true stories. Also, I love to travel with my husband. We enjoy going to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. I am amazed at what Dolly Parton has done for her home town. She took it from an impoverished area to a prosperous one. Tourists come from all over the world to visit her home place.

Role at AI Humanity

As the foremost expert on poverty in West Virginia and an expert on poverty in all of Appalachia, Sabrina helps AI Humanity formulate genuine, appropriate solutions for solving poverty and integrating proper and meaningful strategies into our technologies and programs that aim to help the unprosperous rise to prosperity.

She also helps to inspire and advance people of different cultures and communities, having done this very work for decades in West Virginia.

Moreover, Sabrina represents both the unprosperous and AI Humanity in the media and online, to lawmakers and politicians, and elsewhere.

Sabrina brings to AI Humanity decades of expertise and real-life experiences that are unparalleled. Richard Bovell, founder of AI Humanity, describes Sabrina as “a true treasure for humanity.” Sabrina will use her expertise to help lift the unprosperous out of the misery of poverty and into a life of satisfaction and prosperity.

On the Matter of Solving Poverty and Her Expectations with AI Humanity

Sabrina gives his perspective on poverty, in his own words:

I’m excited to join AI Humanity because rather than just putting a band aid on poverty, as most organizations do, AI Humanity is more interested in long term solutions, in solving poverty for good. With AI Humanity, I want to get to the root of the problems that poverty causes and weed them out once and for all.

My hope is to utilize AI Humanity’s resources to give people who are currently living in poverty the tools to rise up and thrive. West Virginians are talented, creative, and caring people. We know how to make do with less than most people could. I would like to change the poverty stricken circumstances of people and help them overcome suffering in poverty.

I would love to see West Virginians happy and believing in themselves. I want to see West Virginians growing food to feed ourselves and others. I want to see West Virginians making and sewing clothing. I want to see people making furniture, doing real work, getting paid handsomely and living a prosperous life. I want to see people making art and selling it, so they can flourish using their God given talents.

I want to see the world connect with West Virginia so that we can all help each other live prosperously. I want to see all of God’s children, no matter where they live, prosper.