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Global Prosperity Through Innovation, Collaboration, and Technology

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Ordinary people helping ordinary people do extraordinary things

Do you believe in the capacity of a small group of ordinary individuals to lead the effort for revolutionary, global change, as has happened time and again throughout history? And do you believe in your own capacity to accomplish extraordinary things with audacious, passionate, relentless effort?

Jay Lee

Scalable Technologies and AI Strategist

Although Jay began his post-secondary training and professional career in finance, he eventually found his true calling: a professional career in programming. Ever since he wrote his first code, he has been passionate about nearly everything related to programming, particularly about data structures and algorithms.

During his free time, Jay loves to relax and socialize at the local sauna, play tennis and basketball to keep in shape, and write code while sipping on some iced coffee. He also loves reading and connecting with people meaningfully over a delicious meal.

When Jay has time to sit in front of a computer, you may find him scratching his head while trying to optimize an existing software feature to run faster or to use less memory. But despite this intense interest in solving complex problems, Jay is otherwise an easygoing gentleman—amicable, polite, understanding, and humble.

You can find Jay’s studious and delicious writings on his personal blog, The Coding Delight.

Role at AI Humanity

Jay leads the effort with AI Humanity’s AI strategies and scalable architectures to help AI Humanity create smart, scalable, revolutionary solutions that can reach billions of people.

Prior to his work at AI Humanity, Jay worked extensively with common programming languages (including Java, C#, and JavaScript) and with relational databases, such as Oracle and PostgreSQL. He is a language-agnostic software engineer willing to work with the best tools to get the job done properly.

On the Matter of Solving Poverty

Jay gives his perspective on poverty, in his own words:

Poverty can rob people of not only joy, but also their potential. By securing prosperity for the unprosperous, we empower individuals to pass the torch of prosperity to other individuals and to new generations.

I want to use my programming skills to help those who are less fortunate than I am. AI Humanity not only gives me this opportunity on a global scale, but it is also attempting something that is unprecedented thus far, and that aligns with my own personal interest in giving back and contributing to society in an enduring and meaningful way.

With such rapid advancement in technology at our disposal, our generation is the closest in all of human history to have the capacity to create realistic paths to prosperity for the unprosperous.