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Global Prosperity Through Innovation, Collaboration, and Technology

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Ordinary people helping ordinary people do extraordinary things

Do you believe in the capacity of a small group of ordinary individuals to lead the effort for transformative, global change, as has happened time and again throughout history? And do you believe in your own capacity to accomplish extraordinary things with audacious, passionate, relentless effort?

Guilherme Soldateli

Vice President of Software Engineering

Guilherme Soldateli

Guilherme seeks to continually expand his knowledge. He often accomplishes this desire by traveling in person to cities around his home country of Brazil and to countries around the world, searching for unknown neighborhoods and places to admire, and for inspiration. And, mentally, he travels even more extensively—via the Internet, through books and lectures, across courses, and within joyful conversations, all for enlightenment.

But Guilherme’s physical, spiritual, and virtual travels do not only expand his knowledge; they also broaden his perspectives. These erudite journeys of the mind help to explain why he is a profound thinker with much to offer to all of society, and why he contributes to AI Humanity's policies and innovations.

Role at AI Humanity

Because AI Humanity creates sophisticated solutions that are complex yet efficient, focused yet versatile, and extensive yet practical, our lead frontend technologist must share with other team members a passion for—and have the confidence and expertise to create—the sophisticated made practical through simplicity and user-friendliness.

Guilherme is exactly that person, as he has proven since his days as a software engineering student at Bov Academy of Programming. He now leads the frontend technology team at AI Humanity, where he and his team develop easy-to-use tools and solutions to allow our volunteers and collaborators, our experts, and eventually hundreds of millions of users to get on with the work of solving poverty.

In addition, because of his diligent disposition and the depth of his perspectives, Guilherme contributes to conversations concerning strategy and solutions and innovation—from digital, practical, procedural, economic, and other perspectives—within the various facets of AI Humanity .

On the Matter of Solving Poverty

Guilherme gives his perspective on poverty, in his own words:

I feel life is worth living when we help those individuals who find themselves in difficult circumstances and merciless environments. We can help these people polish their capabilities in a way that society can understand and can help to incentivize.

I believe in AI Humanity’s mission because nowadays we have everything we need to help everyone live with dignity on this earth. It’s a shame we can’t intelligently organize ourselves to use our resources and assets to solve the problems that billions of people face around the globe every day.

I’m here because I want to help my team at AI Humanity make those barriers to prosperity obsolete. I believe we can accomplish this with passion and love. Sometimes, I cry when I see great works that were made possible with painstaking diligence, detail, and love. I myself aspire to create such works.