AI Humanity - Democratizing Prosperity: Through Innovation, Cultural Transformation, and Technology

Democratizing Prosperity: Through Innovation, Cultural Transformation, and Technology

Our Information Supercomputer

Our Information Supercomputer

As noted on our homepage, the resolution of poverty and the realization of prosperity are both highly complex, multidisciplinary endeavors and therefore require comprehensive investigation and necessarily comprehensive solutions. We have created our information supercomputer expressly to solve the complexities of poverty in many regions of the world and to facilitate widespread prosperity.

Since the resolution of poverty has proven elusive to humanity for decades (even after spending trillions of dollars on its resolution), and because we now understand poverty at multiple levels, from the influence of genes to the influence of global economic forces, we believe that only an exhaustive solution like our information supercomputer can truly allow the world's unprosperous to overcome their impoverished existence and rise to prosperity.

Our information-supercomputer embodies the principles of our information-knowledge theory [?]. And it is a multidimensional program and information-processing system (an omniscient institution, really) that integrates offline programs with technological solutions and innovations. It encapsulates local and global economic realities, culture, history, virtues, human potential, sociological processes, and dozens of other multidisciplinary determinants and processes, including our innovations.

This exhaustive solution includes the following processes and principles and technologies from information-knowledge theory:

  • Claude Shannon’s principles of information theory, including entropy, surprise, redundancy, and security

  • The well-established principles of information as algorithmic information and computation, including artificial intelligence (AI)

  • Our multidisciplinary integrated methodology: Our solutions rely on multidisciplinary, integrated programs and technologies (all of our data, processes, and innovations) to capture a complete understanding of poverty and prosperity from every feasible angle and include such fields as anthropology, psychology, education, genetics, biology, biochemistry, culture, history, and economics

  • Our nucleus of humanity and emergentist principles: We operate at the nucleus of humanity level (that is, at the level of the individual and their sphere of influence in their community) in combination with the emergentist level—that is, the higher community, cultural, and societal levels—each of which is independent and complex and operates beyond the realm of their foundational component (the individual and their sphere of influence) while yet being influenced by that foundational component

  • Our parallel simultaneity principle, which allows us to tackle more than one significant problem simultaneously and in parallel, in almost real-time, to accomplish in little time what typically takes multinational organizations and countries many years and decades to accomplish or what they never accomplish

  • And our steadfast inquiry for the truth philosophy: We continually seek the best and right solutions and thus follow where our investigations and eventual revelations lead us, ready to adapt and optimize and even willing to abandon strategies and beliefs as we are enlightened with new knowledge, better solutions, and clearer directions.

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