AI Humanity - Democratizing Prosperity: Through Innovation, Collaboration, and Technology

Democratizing Prosperity: Through Innovation, Collaboration, and Technology

Our Books

To accomplish our goals, we must enlighten, edify, mobilize, coordinate, heal, and inspire

For the unprosperous to overcome the barriers to individual and community success, realize lasting economic prosperity, and enjoy a purposeful and rewarding life in safe and prosperous communities, we need:

  • Inspiration and mobilization
  • Realizable paths to prosperity
  • Comprehensive and personalized road maps for specific groups and individuals
  • Trust, healing, confidence in, and togetherness among individuals in the same group and in competing and opposing groups
  • Cultural advancement beyond self-inflicted limits and outside oppression
  • Enlightenment on matters of our individual rights and civil liberties, social and ecological and environmental responsibilities, and so on
  • Apt partnerships and collaborations
  • And unadulterated knowledge of the most relevant subjects and actions needed for personal success and fulfillment and community prosperity.

We cover all these matters and more in our books.

Coming Fall 2020


More Desirable and Enduring than the American Dream

—The prosperity accessible to America’s Bottom 60%

and how we will attain it individually and collectively


Universalprosperia in the Global South

A comprehensive road map for developing countries to better facilitate widespread prosperity for their citizens


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